Truth is the New Hate
We shine the you cockroaches

off air but

Paul and Joe will again be LIVE Monday Nite 8pm-10pm EST

Get your hate on at Eight

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.



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POWER THROUGH DISCIPLINE                                

This website is strictly for independent thinkers, alpha males, and strong proud women. The views and opinions expressed here will not cater to the betas and losers among us, nor will we comply with the social and cultural Marxists now running this society into the ground. Our message here will cater to assertive, attractive, successful, free thinking individuals with a stake in society and our future. Welcome!

The topics I will address in the coming days/weeks/months/years on this website will include:

  • -Health, diet, nutrition, exercise, sports, competition

  • -Spirituality

  • -Politics, Race, Societal & Cultural Rot

  • -Entertainment, TV, movies, unplugging, leisure

  • -Maturity, responsibility, masculinity, leadership, role models

  • -Feminism, motherhood, womanhood, gender roles, encouragement

  • -Financial literacy, property, ownership, business, apprenticeship

  • -Education, practical skills, language and history

  • -Drugs, alcohol, junk food, prescriptions, dependency

  • -Family, friends, relationships, dating, acquaintances

  • -Poor character traits: apathy, laziness, nothingness
  • -F motivation… discipline is everything!

Among others… this gives you a general overview of what you’ll find here


an annual festival
committed to the fight for freedom
exposing the truth by means of music


best protest rock bands out there

bringing the message of freedom

and truth to the people through music.